mardi 29 avril 2008

du front de la guerre des religions

Philippine lawyer sues Pope Benedict XVI, Manila archbishop : Legal General: "Manila - A Philippine lawyer on Tuesday filed a criminal complaint against Pope Benedict XVI and Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales for allegedly disturbing peace and violating human rights of non-Catholics. In his complaint before the Manila prosecutors' office, lawyer Elly Pamatong, a Muslim, also accused Pope Benedict XVI and Rosales of teaching immoral doctrines.
He alleged that Pope Benedict XVI and Rosales 'have been arrogantly, oppressively and offensively mounting loudspeakers on church rooftops, towers, belfries and trees that are blaring with monotonous false dogmas and doctrines.'
'They have been disturbing the peace and quiet of non-Catholics throughout the country,' he said in his complaint.
Pamatong said he wants the court to rule that those who do not respect the rights of non-Catholics to live in peace 'be deported to the Vatican and forever barred from entering the country.'
The Philippines is the largest Catholic country in Asia, with more than 80 per cent of the more than 88 million people adhering to the Religion. Catholic Church leaders wield influence in every facet of the societ"

Fort amusant :-D

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