mardi 16 septembre 2008

Staune, paranormal et "l'idée" du Vatican

J'en étais à lire :

6 - 2 Confusion between the religious and the paranormal
We must recognise that many young people are relative strangers to any religious dimension. Even so, this is just waiting to blossom forth. How can it be otherwise in this world that eliminates all that is religious? They confuse it with parapsychology, the irrational and magic. They are attracted by phenomena "at the far reaches of reality" that provoke emotional responses and make them feel that another dimension exists. However, in this case, they only find themselves, their feelings and their imagination. Fashionable spirituality is one without words, reflection or intellectual content. There are currents of philosophy and wisdom without God that have come from Asia and the East that are interesting as such, but they are not religions, and they are being put forward and distorted at the present time. Nevertheless, they do not represent a large movement. With this mentality, you have to be "cool", "zen" and quiet, that is, feel nothing and be in a muffled torpor. All kinds of mistakes are possible because there is no institutional or intellectual control. Anything at all can be put in the place of God. This attitude is light-years away from Christianity which is the religion of the Incarnation of the Son of God. It transmits a message of truth and love with which we can construct our lives and fight against all that spoils and destroys it. Young Christians feel that this presence of God and his message bring immense hope. It opens up paths of life for them. But when religious feeling, which is inherent in human psychology, is not educated and enriched by an authentic message, it remains simplistic and imprisoned by a superstitious and magical mentality. The lack of religious education fosters sects and false prophets who proclaim themselves in order to speak in the name of a divinity created in their own image. The human person has a need to be introduced to a dimension beyond oneself and which the Creator has inscribed in the heart of each one. In this way it is conveyed by God to others, to history and especially to a life project that brings self-knowledge and that humanises and enriches. This is the meaning of the Word of the Gospel transmitted by the Church.
Et à ROFL en pensant au jeune Staune tout confus En arrivant à "Anything at all can be put in the place of God. This attitude is light-years away from Christianity which is the religion of the Incarnation of the Son of God." je me suis dit que Fr. Tony Anatrella devrait le connaître personnellement Jean.

Staune et déisme

Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 18:53:05 +0200

Tout Chrétien croit en dieu donc Tout chrétien est déiste meme si de nombreux déistes ne sont pas chrétiens...

donc tout évolutionniste chrétien est déiste...


Il faut qu'il révise son catéchisme et qu'il finisse un jour par se payer un dico, ça fera plus sérieux quand même. Voir consulter les dicos libres sur le Net : théisme, dont antonymes : athéisme, déisme, panthéisme, polythéisme